A Bible Study for Mothers of Sons: Want to join me?

A Bible Study for Mothers of Sons: Want to join me?.

So obviously I’m not a mom.  I’m a dad who desperately loves his son.  I can’t even describe well how much I love him in fact; the Lord knows each day I come home from work I experience absolute joy seeing my children run to me.  But as I read this recent blog posted by Susie Lind (she’s on my blogroll and I highly recommend following her), I couldn’t help but wish I was a mom so that I could do this study.  Not only am I recommending it to my wife, but I want to recommend it to all of the mothers out there with sons.  In her blog, she mentions a book entitled, “5 Conversations You Must Have with your Son.”  I love the last two in particular; “Launching Manhood-boyhood is only for a season,” and “Pleasing God-Godly men are in short supply so dare to become one!”  Oh please consider doing this bible study and following her blog as I know you will be deeply blessed by it (assuming you are a mother of at least one boy; she’s a mother of four!).

If you do not live in the area, I’m sure it can be done online with her through her blog.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts!