Dry Season

I’ve been through a dry season lately.  I’m not sure why, but I haven’t been able to write.  The truth is, I haven’t been reading much either.  My health is good; I’ve been healthy for a while now.  No real liver news so that’s a great thing.  Turmoil has been happening around me, but nothing is beyond the sovereignty of God and therefore the redemptive plan is not in jeopardy.  I still love the Bride of Christ, the church, and am actively pastoring many.  But I think I am going to remain quiet on this blog for a long time; I can really only update the http://www.danielparkins.com site from time to time.  I’ve written there for the past two weeks, and though I can’t make promises to write, many of you have been encouraging me to write whenever I see you.  So to that I say “thank you”, that all is well, and that my passion for Christ has not grown dim.  If you’d still like to receive updates, then you can read on my other site.  I’ll send a health update soon I promise!  I’ll also let you know about my amazing family, but please know that I thank you and look forward to hearing from you on the other blog!   With love and devotion to Christ,


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