Jesus Christ = Love

Today, I’d like to write and direct our thoughts to Christ.  Let’s be about Him today, and about Him crucified on our behalf.  Let’s look to Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, who, for the joy set before Him endured the cross.  We are His people, called out ones, set apart ones, who have been made holy purely by the work of Christ Himself.  We know this don’t we?  We are the body of Christ, the bride, the loved and cherished ones.  He is our husband, our priest who was sacrificed for us.  And in this act, don’t we see the incredible affection of Christ to us?  Weren’t we, as the act of Christ on the cross took form, absolute sinners?  That Christ should die was more than if all the angels had been turned to dust; particularly that Christ should die as a criminal with all the weight of men’s sins laid upon Him.  Even more so, that He should die for those whom hated Him, mocked Him, yelled out “crucify!” to Him.

Thomas Watson writes, “The balm tree weeps out its precious balm, to heal those that cut and mangle it; so Christ shed His blood, to heal those who crucified Him.  He died freely.  It is called the offering of Jesus’ body (Hebrews 10.10).”

And weren’t the sufferings of Christ beyond anything we could ever imagine; us in our creature comforts, our metal cars, our houses of ease?  They were so great that they made Him sigh and weep and bleed out in anguish.  He was tortured, but in all of that torturing, think on this: they could not make Him repent.  He would not be turned.  Christ’s sufferings on the cross was great beyond measure, but He does not think that it was pointless or that each drop of His perfect blood spilt for us was in vain.  No.  He sees redemption brought to a dead world.

Can you believe it?  We must un-callous our hearts and weep in thankfulness at the act of our Jesus who, beyond our understanding, underwent hell for our sakes; what man or angelic act could ever compare to this?  Oh what love the Father has lavished upon us, that we should be called sons of God because of the work of Christ!  Shouldn’t we be affected in our very cores with this intoxicatingly beautiful truth?  Shouldn’t our hearts rend like the veil that was torn?  Shouldn’t the very stoniness of our hearts break apart like the rocks on the day of Christ’s death?

To not be affected with Christ’s love in dying is to have hearts harder than rocks.  Let the truth of the gospel act break us today, send us to our knees in repentance and thankfulness, and cause us to worship Him in greater measures.



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